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Not able to head out for your usual workouts? Not usually the sort to work out but looking for something to beat the boredom and keep fit?

We have a slew of activities and content curated for you to stay active and entertained wherever you are.

Remember, we can do this together!

What's in-store for you?


Special movement programmes by our Active Health Coaches for you to keep active. 


Reflect, Unwind and
Be Inspired

Perfect time for you to unwind and focus on the important things in life. 



Receive recommendations from our Active Health Coaches from nutrition tips to the type of books and music to make your time at home an enjoyable one.

Get Active TV

Watch live workouts, cooking show and fun survival tips on Facebook and YouTube! Learn how to stay active and strong at home.



So there you have it! Plenty of awesome exercises, workouts, tips by Active Health coaches, health and wellness articles, and videos to keep you occupied and active during your 14-day journey.

Simply submit your email to us below and let us do the rest! In the meantime, stay safe and stay positive! #SGUnited

Morning - Movement Starter

Exercises designed to elevate your heart and help you kickstart your day.

Mid-Morning - Reflections

Take this time to take stock of your life and focus on what's important to you.

Afternoon - Mid Day Energy

In need of a boost after lunch? Why not watch an inspirational video, listen to a podcast or connect with your family and friends.

Evening - Movement Starter Part 2

Make use of this beautiful part of the day to do some simple exercises to keep your body moving and in tune.

Night - Before Bed Pleasure

This is the perfect time for you to tune out, relax, rest and recover for the next day.

GameOn NILA!

Clock steps at home and level up with GameOn Nila. Select a tracker to sync and start collecting your activity stars!


Submit your email to us today and find out what you can achieve at home in just 14 days! Stay safe and positive in the meantime!#SGUnited